Comfort and Smiles

It’s been a rough week at the Burton household. We lost our sweet dog. Everything happened so quickly and emotions have been all over the place. I’m so thankful that we’ve had each other and have spent many moments clinging to each other and praying. It’s hard for a momma to see her kids sad and feel helpless to make it all better. So…I did what I do… I cooked! Both to comfort and to bring back those sweet smiles. I love that about food. Food can bring comfort, nourishment, and lots of fun!! I made some things this week that gave us all of those things! It was just what we needed.

The kids love Eggs in a Nest- so I decided to produce some early morning smiles and make the nest into a Mickey Mouse shape! The kids loved it!  

eggs in a nest

 If you ever need a chocolate fix- these will hit the spot. Soft and moist and made with pudding mix, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate chips.  If you want your own chocolate comfort, Dorothy at Crazy for Crust has a great recipe HERE! Enjoy! 

pudding cookies

 My family loves these! Sweet, salty with a perfect crust, crunchy topping and sweet jam in between. I’d love to experiment with other jams and maybe a dark chocolate drizzle! This is a Pioneer Woman recipe. I love her! She is such an inspiration to me! Go HERE for the recipe!

strawberry oatmeal bars

 So grateful we had 10 years with our Mattie. Lots of great memories. We miss you sweet friend.




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