Winter Smoothies!

My kids have smoothies every morning for breakfast! Every morning!  I love this habit! During the summer, we love using fresh fruit and have a blast making lots of fun combinations. During the winter, we struggle to find fresh fruit that is affordable and…well… fresh.  Today, I’m sharing two of our favorite recipes and as with most of my recipes you can do your own combinations! A favorite at our house is banana chocolate …. Mommy’s favorite~ tropical fruit with a drizzle of honey!….add a hot bowl of oatmeal and the kids are fueled up until lunch.  

Here is Monkey-man enjoying his Chocolate-Banana Smoothie! 

 The star of the show! I  only use one banana to make two 8-oz smoothies. The kids would be even happier if they could have 16 oz each! It may have something to do with the chocolate! 


 Add 1/2 cup yogurt of your choice. We use Vanilla yogurt- usually Greek! I love using Greek yogurt in smoothies because it gives my smoothies lots of thick body!


 Add 1/2 cup milk


 Drizzle in some chocolate syrup….. drizzle to your taste!  At this point you can add a spoonful of peanut butter instead of the chocolate or AS WELL AS the chocolate! mmmmm……..


 Add ice…. I usually use 8 oz of ice. Use more or less depending on your desired consistency.


 Blend until smooth!


 Drizzle with chocolate syrup just for fun!



For my tropical smoothie… We pick a bag of frozen tropical fruit! Our fruit mix included peaches, mangoes, pineapples, and strawberries! I use fruit juice or water as my liquid and drizzle honey on top- totally optional! Yum! 


tropical smoothietropicaltropical smoothie1







I can’t wait to enjoy the bounties of summer!   But, I have a feeling the winter smoothie recipes will stay in our breakfast recipe box! I’d love to hear about your combinations! What smoothies make an appearance at your breakfast table?

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