Guacamole Three Ways!

 Our family has taco night once a week! Everyone loves tacos in this house. And if Momma doesn’t make enough- watch out- things get fiesty!  We have tried all  kinds of tacos. Beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, steak tacos, shrimp tacos, BBQ chicken tacos. Soft and hard tacos…. they are all yummy! We also make guacamole and fresh salsa every week as well. It’s quite an event! Excited when we can gave a garden again!   I have always made my classic Guacamole, but I thought I’d change things up a bit and try a few new flavors. 

final picture

 This was the perfect time to do some flavor experimenting because it’s Science Fair time around here and Glitter Girl did her project this year on the fastest way to ripen an avocado.(results- 3 cherry tomatoes in a brown paper bag is the fastest way to ripen and avocado)  She did such a great job! And of course we made some Classic Guacamole to share with the fair attendees! 

science fair

First up- Roasted Guacamole: So everyone knows my love for roasting! So I decided to roast my garlic, jalapeno, and purple onion which are some of the ingredients I use for my classic recipe.  I would have loved to roasted a red pepper and added that….definitely next time!  The flavors in this guacamole is really nice! Rich and full of body! This would be the perfect condiment for a turkey bacon sandwich! This was Glitter Girls favorite! 

roasted guacamole


Next up: Cucumber Dill Guacamole. This recipe was a Pampered Chef inspiration- I changed some of the quantities. At first, I didn’t know how I felt about the combination of cucumber and dill in my guacamole, but it is really nice and shouts spring!! It’s so fresh and has lots of pop in your mouth!  This is a must try!

cucumber dill


The Classic Guacamole will always be my favorite! Full of fresh veggies and the bite of cilantro! Even though everyone makes their guacamole a little differently, most recipes call for the basic ingredients: avocados, onion, jalapeno, lime juice, and cilantro. I had a friend that used to mix together her favorite salsa and a couple of avocados and call it a day. This is my take on a classic….

classic guac

Of course, I had an awesome helper! Monkey Man had a blast using the citrus juicer to squash every cherry tomato he could get his hands on…. I guess I’ll be making some pico de gallo tonight! And I just want to note- he does have other pj’s!… he always seems to be wearing this pair when we are taking blog pics! And we are always blogging early in the morning!


  A couple tips for making guacamole:

*Save your avocado seed! Place the avocado seed in your finished guacamole to prevent it from turning brown.(you can see i did that while prepping the other ingredients in many of my pictures) Alternatively, you can squeeze some reserved lime juice over your guacamole and cover it with plastic wrap.

*Guacamole is a recipe that you may not be able to count on the same quantities of ingredients every time. It requires tasting and  adjusting the seasoning. The quantities that I have included in this post are approximately what you will need. You are the cook and you have complete creative license in this recipe! 

 *Keep in mind when taste testing that you probably will be eating your guacamole with a salty chip- so don’t oversalt! I go with a pinch at a time! 

*Go easy when adding your lime juice. I usually add a few tablespoons at a time and added even less when I made the Cucumber Dill Guacamole because I knew I was adding cucumber, which gives off a lot of liquid. Also, every lime is a different size. It’s hard to say that you will add the entire lime half to every recipe, just use your judgement! 

I was tempted to chop up some mangoes or peaches to make a fruity guacamole, but i knew that would not be appreciated by Mr. Sweets and Whimsy. Next time, I may add some bacon…. the possibilities are endless! 


5 thoughts on “Guacamole Three Ways!

  1. I love that Monkey Man is using my favorite Pampered Chef tool ever! Gotta try the roasted guacamole! sounds perfect. But also love your original!

  2. Tried the cucumber version. It was a good spring alternative! I needed a little salt and lime on mine. I added some feta and it really became a party!

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