Roasted Applesauce!

Yep, you read that right! The secret to this fantastic Applesauce is  ROASTING the apples! This is a trick I learned from Tyler Florence. I’ve always been a huge fan of roasting my veggies, but fruits?  Roasting brings out the natural sugars in the fruit and concentrates the flavors!  I started doing this when my son started on solids and my entire family fell in love with it! It’s not really a recipe, it’s a process. I love this kind of cooking because the only limit to the combinations is your imagination. This applesauce or apple puree, if you want to sound fancy shmancy is fabulous by itself, but really, really good as a sauce for your pork chops or chicken and some members of my family have been known to put it on their biscuits! YUM! My kids ask for this stuff for “lunch dessert.” It’s that good!! Do your kids love those “to-go” pouches of applesauce? Make your own with this simple recipe! I guarantee they will love the flavor even more than the store bought kind. And you definitely will save some money! I use the same process to make pear puree. Or mix some blueberries and bananas together and it’s truly like eating a dessert! But guess what?!! No sugar added, no fruit juice…..nothing added.  Just the lovely fruit! Enjoy! 


I started with a 3 lb bag of Gala Apples, but really any apples will do.


I start by cutting the apples in half and I take the time to take out the stem and the seeds beforehand. This can be done after roasting, but I prefer not to burn my hands! I find this strawberry corer very helpful for this job. 


So pretty!! I put them all face down on my stone (a half sheet pan would also work). Roast at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Your house will smell fantastic during this time. You’re welcome!


When the apples are done, they look like this. Beautiful soft, wrinkly apples! Lots of juice has seeped from the apples. Save it! It will make your puree yummy! 
Next we puree. There are several way to do this. You could peel the skin off of the apple- like this:



… or you could put the whole bunch into a food mill and it will separate the peels for you. Either way, it will be yum!


This is what our puree looks like after it’s been through the food mill. Perfect texture!! I did add some cinnamon, but not much. Oh, it’s soooo good! 


So, my 3 lb bag made a big batch of applesauce that will be thoroughly enjoyed by every member of this household!  Enjoy!!



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